Sometimes I wonder, and a question to you.

This blog is not my first one – and very certainly will not be my last one either. And I love talking about design, art, aesthetics, CSS, even PHP (even though here I mostly get lost quite quickly), next to many other things. Since 2005 I have my own, personal blog at and until […]

On the bright side.

Don’t you hate these times when your “eye” suddenly goes lost, the drive and the clarity of what you are doing and where you are heading are nowhere and you can not decide any longer? Suddenly you find yourself turning in circles and circles with no end, biting your own tail and turning some more. […]

To look or not to look.

Has it ever happened to you that the sheer amount of “stuff around you” makes you feel like losing yourself and that everything you created is just a mirror from what you’ve just seen over the past few days when browsing around and nothing is truly grown on your own turf? Or do you happily […]

Taking risks in design.

Recently I found myself a bit on the exhausted side when I should focus on designing a new site – it had so happened that a routine had established itself when creating a new site and this exact routine was keeping me inside the box and thus the designs began to be boring and somewhat repetitive… even though they were quite different.