How-to prevent auto-log-out on your system

After upgrading to Maverick I found myself constantly being logged out – unintentionally and messing up MAMP and my dynamic server settings, preventing all access to sites under development. The solution is simple, but it took me a while to find it. in your SYSTEM PREFERENCES go under SECURITY & PRIVACY click and enter your […]

vCards and hCards

For a while I was battling to get hCards working, meaning not only styled correctly, but that they could be downloaded and translated into a vCard in the process. The usual problem would be an “no hCard” error. Once I finally understood the reasoning behind that, I still ran across the problem of an incomplete […]

Stringing of Classes in CSS

The power of CSS are it’s cascading laws and abilities. If fully understood it will simplify your styling tremendously, if not, you can get caught up in traps which ends with cumbersome work as with old style per tag styling when you need to do changes. When I scrutinize the CSS files I find hyper […]