Dynamic Dummy Image Generator

This is really, really useful when you are designing a website in (X)HTML and need something to indicate an image on the page. This free generator creates a gray image place holder on the fly and adds the size of the image as text (good for later reference) : Dynamic Dummy Image Generator – DummyImage.com […]

Font Burner

Want to spruce-up the fonts on your site but feel repelled by the idea of wrapping it all into images? Here is a nifty idea: Font Burner is the easiest way to add great fonts to your website. Just pick one of over 1000 quality fonts, add a chunk of code to your site, then […]

25 Free Icons : Vector Icon Set 1

This is a great set of icons, clearly drawn and recognizable and a treat: Free Vector Icon Set 1 – Containing 25 Icons Everyone, this is your lucky day. Since I cancelled further drawing of this set of mine as a commercial project, I decided to distribute the first icons for free!. — (Via Monofactor.com […]