Designers Toolbox: Graphic Design Tools

This is a great site for finding quickly some often needed numbers if it comes to things like folds or converting inches to points. But also a Lorem Ipsum generator next to a handy list of HTML characters. I find myself going back to that site again and again, so check it out and you’ll […]

Coudal Partners

Time again to give kudos where due. While I was following some interesting links a couple of days ago, I suddenly came across Coudal Partners with my spontaneous reaction being: what a nice site! There are some bright ideas implemented, such as the little top “daily line” with a little, changing blurb, such as : […]

Wrapping up for this week.

Considering that this week was shortened and I only worked 3/4 of my usual time, I actually had a good outcome. I’m sure you know all these weeks where already on Thursday you can’t wait for Friday late afternoon to come around, and every minute seems to stretch endlessly. This can even happen to me […]

CSS Tools: Reset CSS

After reading the post and miscellaneous comments on CSS-Tricks on the subject of What Kind of CSS Reset Do You Use? I went and looked at Meyer’s CSS Tools: Reset CSS – several comments had mentioned it. It is a really good and THOROUGH one and in my own, day to day quick-and-dirty designs I never […]