Dynamic Dummy Image Generator

This is really, really useful when you are designing a website in (X)HTML and need something to indicate an image on the page. This free generator creates a gray image place holder on the fly and adds the size of the image as text (good for later reference) : Dynamic Dummy Image Generator – DummyImage.com […]

With Options: Lorem Ipsum Text Generator

Do you wish sometimes to have lists pre-populated with Lorem Ipsum text for layout purposes? Do you find it cumbersome to take a block of dummy text apart to fill in the various p tags and would like to have it all a bit faster? This site is then for you. Along the left side […]

Grid Designer 2

Grid Designer 2 is a really nice grid designer. First, you can create the grid you want and in a second step assign the fonts and their styling. The next step creates the CSS and HTML data for you. You can even specify if you want fluid columns or fixed width with them, next to […]