Why so many designers are Mac enthusiasts

Idling through an older issue of mac|life and reading the articles regarding the Macbook Air (which was the latest at the time of the issue) … and suddenly it hits me: this is what is so different about us. We (designers) can get terribly enthused by stuff… like, well this master piece of aesthetics: the […]

To comment or not to comment.

Today there was another extensive discussion about commenting your code. There are 2 distinctive different views: comment everything and comment nothing. Yes…, nothing. Sounds odd, doesn’t it, after constantly hearing to comment all extensively. The viewpoint of the defender here being that nobody keeps their comments updated when they make a slight change and after […]

iWeb and the XML tag.

If you – or somebody from your family – uses iWeb and dot-mac … well, dot-me, you’d usually would not encounter problems when uploading and publishing your site. Also, if you upload your site to your paid host, the chances are that you do not run into a problem. But, if you run your own […]

Simplifying CSS hacks.

There are many different ways to go about writing your CSS code and at times it’s quite amusing to watch the firefights over who’s approach is THE approach. Like with Rome, there are many ways and different ones that lead to success and at this point I have come to a workflow which has proven […]

Darn those similarities.

Dancing one of these dances which I really don’t like. All of this only to not be a copy cat or worse, do copyright infringement. How did it come about? Could not have been less innocent: I decided to redesign my mStudios site – especially after I realized how horrendous it looks for anyone punished […]