Web Developer’s Handbook

This is a site with a huge list of references – some for inspiration, but also many links with very useful information, e.g. EM Calculator, CSS Specifications, Ajax Tutorials and much more. Check it out at Web Developer’s Handbook | CSS, Web Development, Color Tools, SEO, Usability etc..

AMPlify Development Speed with MAMP and WAMP

Who remembers past years (on a Mac) when each upgrade meant a fresh aquainting, then download and install of Apache and MySQL packages and those scary trips into Terminal for the finishing touches? Recently it has become easier, Apache is already installed and MySQL packages can be quite easily downloaded and installed with a Preference […]

Font Burner

Want to spruce-up the fonts on your site but feel repelled by the idea of wrapping it all into images? Here is a nifty idea: Font Burner is the easiest way to add great fonts to your website. Just pick one of over 1000 quality fonts, add a chunk of code to your site, then […]

The Button Generator

In a hurry to create a button or overwhelmed by the steps it takes? This is where a button generator can come in handy. There are many of these generators out there, the following ones are the ones I like best: ButtonBoost – The Button Generator Buttonator Dynamic Drive online tools: MIcro Button Maker Web […]