Calming : Pia Jane Bijkerk, Stylist

What is it that makes a website stand out from the bulk of the others? Websites talk a very clear language: they can be overwhelming with busyness; drab and with no flair when crafted without care; compelling with the ah-factor; childish or whimsical; complex or simple; old fashioned or running the latest fads. The site […]

Grid and Column Designs

Nick La from WebDesignerWall has created a great collection of grid and column design he found on the web. Very nicely organized into groups (e.g. editorial sites or blogs). What makes this posting especially worthwhile studying is that he has arranged all images on one page which allows you to study the pages in an […]

Coudal Partners

Time again to give kudos where due. While I was following some interesting links a couple of days ago, I suddenly came across Coudal Partners with my spontaneous reaction being: what a nice site! There are some bright ideas implemented, such as the little top “daily line” with a little, changing blurb, such as : […]

Wrapping up for this week.

Considering that this week was shortened and I only worked 3/4 of my usual time, I actually had a good outcome. I’m sure you know all these weeks where already on Thursday you can’t wait for Friday late afternoon to come around, and every minute seems to stretch endlessly. This can even happen to me […]