Brand Colors

There are times you want to color social network links and/or icons with brand colors. Here is a quick list of some: Twitter: #41b7d8 Facebook: #3b5997 Google: #d64937 LinkedIn: #0073b2 Vimeo: #388fc5 Flickr: #ff0084 Pinterest: #cb2027 Skype: #00aff0

vCards and hCards

For a while I was battling to get hCards working, meaning not only styled correctly, but that they could be downloaded and translated into a vCard in the process. The usual problem would be an “no hCard” error. Once I finally understood the reasoning behind that, I still ran across the problem of an incomplete […]

Proper commenting in PHP

Do NOT comment in PHP with a // double slash if you are using the closing tag on the same line, instead use the /**/ type of commenting. I am amazed of how many people do that, forgetting that anything after the // will be considered part of the comment and thus nullifying the closing […]