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Who am I?

An Earthling. Next to that, I have been so much and can be still so much more, that this is an almost impossible question to answer. Aesthetics and Beauty drives me. I felt it would be interesting to have a place to blog about design and how it touches me and my life.

Marlyse Comte

Swiss by nature, American by marriage. For several years I called Paris my home and for a few months Berlin. After surviving cold winters for 5 years in Minnesota, we now have settled closer to family in friendly Kansas.

I am a designer across the board: graphic, web, photography, 3D and even furniture design. You can find more about me and my work at mStudios [design], mStudiosWORLD [photography] and mStudiosREALM [fine art]. If you want to find out more about me personally, you can look me up on my [other] personal blog at www.marlyse.com or at Tarot Divergency [not your run-of-the-mill tarot].


If you want to contact me… I like to hear from you! Questions or comments. Feel free to get in communication with me. You can always email me.

The Pitch


Creating work with care for quality and detail, which not only serves the client but also inspires – this is the driving force behind my services. I work with people who want a new website, an architectural visualization, a brochure or a logo animation. I can build your new visual identity, a clearly structured site or assist you with a blog setup. I am here if you want to find your unique visual voice in the sea of websites and to help express your values and identity while communicating your business purpose by listening to your goals and then translating them into useful design.


I’m always interested in new ideas, challenges and projects. You can email me for my hourly rates if you want to get a rough idea of costs in advance. Follow this link to my business website for more information about my work, my background and experience, and how else to contact me. It’d be good to hear from you.


If you would like to advertise on my site just let me know what you have in mind and drop me a line!