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WordPress has become one of, if not THE, most popular open source blogging and content management systems around. With over 25 million websites and blogs powered by this award-winning web software and a continuously expanding community of developers, designers and contributors, freelancers who have the skills and knowledge to create WordPress websites are in high demand. Over 90% of my own freelance business involves the use of WordPress somehow, and I have found a niche for providing clients with quality, affordable, custom WordPress websites that has grown my business at a rapid pace.

In this post, I am sharing 13 sites (in no particular order) I find myself visiting often for tips, tricks and tutorials that will enhance and expand your WordPress knowledge and abilities. Some of them you may already know and others you may not. Regardless, these are my own personal haunts when it comes to getting more out of WordPress.

This one is obvious, and anyone who is using WordPress has visited this site at least once. The home of the software provides everything you could possibly need for its use, including a support forum for everything from plug-ins to templates and more. Of course, the Codex is the mother lode of info for creating custom WordPress websites.

Digging Into WordPress

Not only the home base of the extremely helpful book

by the same name, this site is also a wealth of tips and tricks from basic to advanced. I learn something every single time I visit this site.

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A great site especially for beginners but with some advanced tips and tricks too.

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A great resource with WordPress-specific hacks, news, plug-ins, themes, tutorials and more!

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A quality site that doesn’t just focus on publishing news about themes, plug-ins, or releases, but also provides code hacks, tips and tricks, and more.

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WordPress Tavern

Love the tavern theme of this excellent resource site (beer bottles and frosty mugs abound) with all kinds of WordPress hacks, tips and tricks.

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This site provides a range of WordPress services, from installation to hosting to theme design, but it also aims to offer help, tutorials and reviews of WordPress plugins and themes on the blog.

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This blog about WordPress development has everything from theme design basics to using WordPress as a CMS to creating an Advanced Options page, and much more.

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WordPress Arena

WordPress freebies, themes, how-to’s, plug-ins and more. This site has developed into a handy resource that I have used often.

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All kinds of tidbits! An ever-growing collection of quick, clear and concise WordPress recipes.

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WordPress Hacks

In addition to featuring a large variety of WordPress themes and providing reviews of WordPress plug-ins, this site was set up to cover the world surrounding WordPress, including the latest WordPress hacks, news, tips, tricks, and how-to’s.

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Pro Blog Design

Not strictly a WordPress resource, but this site’s WP articles are priceless.

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Justin Tadlock

Justin’s site is chock full of WordPress goodies, with tips and tutorials that I believe many already use regularly.

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WordPress Snippets

Small, searchable snippets of code, helping you to create a magic WordPress Theme. Straight forward is the lead word for WP Snippets. No talk, just Snippets.

Your Favorites?

Did I miss some WordPress sites that you know and love and use often? If so, please share them in the comments below.

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