It is quite astonishing to find Apple’s foresight to be that short: they are selling the slick Apple iPad Case which fits tighter than a glove and then right next to is also the really useful Apple Keyboard Dock – but they do not work together!

The keyboard dock is really nicely designed as it has some iPad specific keys which makes using apps on the iPad even smoother – though you could have added an ‘extended tab’ button, one which will jump to the next text/form/input field, that would have improved workflow even more so!

The iPad case is great by itself, it protects the back of the iPad, prevents it from slip and sliding all over the place when using it at an angle (in bed, on the couch etc.). The stylish Apple logo gives it a nice little kick and being able to prop it up is very useful in a slew of different situations. The touch of the cover is alien but intriguing, just as an American favorite, the cheesecake or the combination of peanut butter and jam is to me.

Depending your location and time of day, either the one or the other make more sense to be used. But, squeezing the iPad in and out of the sleeve is a major hassle if trying to do every day, worse even if several times a day. When it’s on, it will not give connection to the Apple Keyboard Dock. That’s the deal. And it’s not just the sharp ridge which is preventing it, the sleeve has a double thickness where the small cutout for the charger is and that pushes it enough away from the back of the dock that no connection can occur.

You CAN make it work, though it’s not pretty and you’ll need to ruin your iPad case – and thus so unbelievable dumb of Apple not to take this scenario into account and have the sleeve (or the dock) mastered in a way which would provide a smooth workflow from in the office and being on the go with the same iPad.

As the pictures shows, just cutting away the ridge at the bottom is not enough, you need to cutout also the double padding at the back of the iPad.

So far I have not found any company jumping onto this ship, but several people already looking for the option of case + (keyboard) dock ability. Don’t try telling me it would be impossible. Get inspired by something like a lot of cameras have with fold-away connector coverages, even a small lip in the front to pull that open and to the side while docking is probably better than the hole I had to dig!

I’ll clean up the current cut with an X-acto knife, but even then it will remain a hack – Apple, Apple, you who oozes aesthetics and design, how can you miss this step which then requires us to destroy beauty and do something like this?