Watch out to whom you give your email address. Especially if you’re on a PC. If you can, use aliases for specific purposes to cut down on spam and possible viruses sent.

Just added to the list of do not go there and definitely do not give them any important email address of your own is now

It’s easy how they do it: first they try to lure you with the promise of quick money with, oh, the FREE email course. Once they have your email address you get a bunch of email on how-to do it, main purpose of these emails is to get you to click onto as many of the included links as possible as the money goes then to… drumroll, the one sending you there!

Not bad content per se, but absolutely only touching the surface and making you hungry for more. And there is more, so many links which invite you to learn and pay! Then, after day 7, the end of the course, you get this great email of what cool vacations he is on currently in Europe and yeah, he doesn’t have to work for money, so just do as he tells you to.

Once you decline all these tempting offers, the email does stop. For a month or so. Then another, oh so tempting offer. After declining this it really gets quiet. Or so it seems.

After a few months of no action, you suddenly receive an email with a containing virus/malware. I received it today via an UPS NOTIFICATION of a Delivery Problem email which contains a zip file. Oh please click me! It’s a shame that still too many people fall for that.

What obviously happens is that as your email address no longer appears lucrative to IncomeDiary, it gets sold to a spammer. That’s a way of making income too.

Why I am this certain of all of this? I used an alias, created for the sole purpose to interact with this specific website. Nobody else ever gets to see this address. It even contains their name in the alias for easy recognition.

Of course, IncomeDiary can try and come back and try to weasel their way out by apologizing with the weak excuse of “our email got harvested, so sorry about that”.

Btw. – the guy was 20 already a year ago, so give me a break.

There is no overnight earning of millions of dollars if you want to remain proud of yourself. Don’t fall for these cheap sites as this test once again has proven – you could lose more than gain (such as an infected hard drive which needs repair, or your email addresses harvested by a malicious program).

Do the real work. You can do it.