After many hours of frustration not knowing why I failed to get ColdFusion running in my developers environment I came across the entry of Mike Jones on Configuring ColdFusion & MAMP Pro.

Following his screen cast plus using the comments to his post resulted in a working installation! Thank you Mike, this saved my day:

The following points are important:

  • follow his screen cast.
  • You need MAMP Pro, the free MAMP version does not have http config template files which will need to be modified and protected from being overwritten at a later time when launching the server.
  • The video covers ColdFusion8. Use the same version to ensure you can follow along easily and with no surprises.
  • Install the 32-bit version – the default OSX version – and NOT the 64-bit version, even if your computer can run this. It is MAMP which needs the 32-bit version [true as of June 2009].
  • The screen cast refers to the living-e directory within the Application Support folder – that folder now is called appsolute [as of November 2009]
  • After the ColdFusion8 install and configuration you need to fix MANUALLY what Adobe got wrong. You will need to replace the installed file (which is the 64-bit version for some reason) with the 32-bit file which you get as follows:
    1. Don’t double-click but un-zip the file Applications/ColdFusion8/runtime/lib/wsconfig.jar
    2. The file you want is Applications/ColdFusion8/runtime/lib/wsconfig/connectors/apache/intel-macos/prebuilt/
    3. Replace the existing file with this extracted one.
  • Re-starting within MAMP at the end did not work for me, I had to quit MAMP and relaunch and then all was fine.

As a developer it is really handy to have ColdFusion running on your own machine. Good luck!