Pia Jane Bijkerk's website

What is it that makes a website stand out from the bulk of the others?

Websites talk a very clear language: they can be overwhelming with busyness; drab and with no flair when crafted without care; compelling with the ah-factor; childish or whimsical; complex or simple; old fashioned or running the latest fads.

The site of Pia Jane Bijkerk stood out for its elegance and feminine touch, the clean design reflecting the quality of the work presented and the love for aesthetics can be easily seen, down to the little details that make this site special.

Often you’ll be advised to skip on a ‘landing page’ (also called a ‘splash page’ or ‘entry page’, depending with whom you talk) as it is this page which is important to search engines and e.g. flash only pages do not reveal the content of the page and furthermore, splash pages tend to be static and thus not updated often which again lowers importance to search engines. Whatever approach you take, this first impression is important to your visitor.

Pia’s home page does not the mistake of boring visitors with an animation but instead comes up with a bright idea of using a dictionary approach to introduce herself. Kudos!

And, if you linger a bit longer you might take a side-trip to her personal blog and enjoy the photos of her lovely houseboat.