For years I have always considered a business website for a designer – and for a lot of other type of businesses – to be static: you might have a splash screen, then a product page – or service or gallery… whatever your business – an about, a contact form (mainly to avoid online spam bots harvesting the address). And that’s about it.

But with blogs a lot of things have changed.

Over the years my main frustration had been the amount of convoluted work to update my own design site with something current, like… ah, this is new, upload and tell about it and done. The sites I have had so far had always had one drawback. Too static. The other, major outpoint is that most of my images are still scaled for… long time ago and dial-up. Today, most of these images are too small for showing off your work and bandwidth has become much less of an issue.

My original business website was convoluted in the sense that one had to click several levels deep to finally get to an image I was showing off. Who wants to do THAT?! So the current one – mStudios – is quite a bit less clicking and remains fast to browse with a PHP navigation bar and the whole site is built on a MySQL database. But still too much clicking. How many seconds do you have to waste if you want your visitor to stay? Not many, I guarantee you. The database, which originally had sound so tempting and THE solution, has proven to be way to complicated as no dedicated image upload tool exists and is the main reason I have not updated my site in a while.

Since the launch of mStudiosTALK and TarotDivergency these outpoints have been once again on my radar, and finally I found the solution: use WordPress as the backbone for the design site. This will allow me to change the look easily and thus more frequently. I can have a news section with some current work or highlight some other work I want to. The older work does not need to be replaced nor removed but automatically will disappear into the archives. I can have categories, easy upload and the site overall no longer has to remain static. I ESPECIALLY like the possibility to have a place for current work. I’m not intending of creating something with daily entries, it’s no rival to this site (mStudiosTALK), but will remain the show place of my production work.

Patience is required as I will work on this in down times – which currently are less than rare. Once done and made live, I will announce the transformation and am looking forward to what others think of it.