Nick La from WebDesignerWall has created a great collection of grid and column design he found on the web. Very nicely organized into groups (e.g. editorial sites or blogs). What makes this posting especially worthwhile studying is that he has arranged all images on one page which allows you to study the pages in an overview sort of way, which in turn visualizes well the differences and similarities in the different designs.

Apart of being very inspiring, it is a real good lesson to study this collection. Definitely check it out at Grid and Column Designs.

Grid and Column Designs

If you are looking for inspiration for grid and column design, here is a nice collection of 32 column-based websites. These sites show how grid layout can be applied on various type of sites — whether a massive content editorial site or just a personal blog. Check out how the layout can be divided into 3 columns, 4 columns, a mixture of narrow and wide columns.