Time again to give kudos where due. While I was following some interesting links a couple of days ago, I suddenly came across Coudal Partners with my spontaneous reaction being: what a nice site!

There are some bright ideas implemented, such as the little top “daily line” with a little, changing blurb, such as :


If we weren’t a design/ad firm, our second choice would be a
tv network in the early 80s. And this would be our network promo.

or yesterday it was:


Sometimes it’s time to share our bathroom walls with the world.
The Chalk Album Cover Contest. Answers here.

Clearly it is a newspaper inspired theme. The header alone (logo and the daily line above a large, changing header image) fills already 1/2 of my 900 pixels high powerbook screen. Like with newspapers there is a lot of information, small tidbits and larger, main articles.

Coudal Partners

Large headlines and capitalized text for headline bylines are the main elements of being “louder”. Else you find mainly simple, black appearing text {color: #222; font: Verdana / Geneva; text-size: 11px; line-height: 17px } for information, and red type to show links. Nothing of the small text is bolded; italics are sparingly used and in very few spots you’ll find a medium dark gray (initials for example).

The left narrow column is obviously the place for all writers and appears to be like an RSS feed that updates constantly with the latest news on top and growing older towards the bottom. Each contributing editor does not show a full name but only 2 or 3 letter initials. Each entry in that column is assigned a (single) category, shown by a tiny square icon.

The right narrow column is cleverly used to list the categories, credit all the contributing editors and other tidbits not to be lost: some advertising for their host (affiliate program), small sales pitches here and there – but everything rather conservative looking without giving too much emphasis to one entry over the other with barely an image.

To ensure the page does not look too drab, conservative, boring and hard to read the page is loosened-up with miscellaneous sized photos in the main entries section – this gives nice spots of color and interest and makes the page lively looking and helps you to orient yourself as to where on the page you are and to grab your interest here and there.

Did I miss something? You tell me.