Considering that this week was shortened and I only worked 3/4 of my usual time, I actually had a good outcome. I’m sure you know all these weeks where already on Thursday you can’t wait for Friday late afternoon to come around, and every minute seems to stretch endlessly. This can even happen to me when I’m interested in what I’m doing, so it is not necessarily ”bad work” or something the like which makes time stand still.

But not so this week. One interesting challenge was creating a new identity for a credit union. The first round had gone into the off field and after re-evaluating and receiving more, important information the second round seems to have hit home with the clients. Hopefully the ‘others’ (their higher bosses?) will think so too, and if approved the project can continue. It is not a color design I would create for myself, but quite fitting for their business and even though it will be a gold and black thing – which in MY eyes is very much old fashioned and 80′ties or even older – I’m happy that all the same I was able to make it modern looking.

SommersMillwork 20080229The other project is a client who came to ask for help with the redesign of a site which has already 2 unfinished and sad looking websites in its wake. There were very specific likes and hopes for the new site (one of which to be ‘rich looking’), and after chewing on the issues a bit – the current green and red combination in their business card is quite painful to look at, and as they wanted to stick to the 2 colors I needed to find a variation which comes as close to what they have now but to eliminate the complimentary clash – I finally came up with a solution. Shortly before I left for the weekend I heard that the client was happy with the result and this of course make me feel good.

The last challenge I tackled this week, yesterday to be exact, is a very interesting one – at this point I can’t say yet too much about it. This is a site redesign which currently has my adrenaline going high, even now during the weekend and even though I’m going to be back at it in a couple of days only. The reason it is such a good game and challenge is because the current site has been an eye sore to me since months, a painfully hacked thing, visually appalling, with no logic in structure, mixed messages and neither user inviting nor user friendly. Now, the site is going to be logically split and after some research yesterday morning I figured out how to use the one thing that sets this site apart from all others in the same field to it’s design advantage. Of course this has me exited! Two things I will need to work on now: a) keep the design working to the end (sub-pages and miscellaneous odd pages and popups too) and mainly b) not allow anyone to then hack a perfectly structured and visually “held together” site be messed up by some 3rd parties influencing the client of what all should be done and what would be cool to have done. But that is for next week.