If it ever has annoyed you that iPhoto opens when plugging in the iPhone… there is quite a simple solution. Personally I do not suffer from my machine slowing down to a crawl, but it IS nice to be able to control WHICH camera will trigger a reaction:

But ever since I got an iPhone, I’ve been frustrated that plugging it in opens up iPhoto, too. The combination of iPhoto and iTunes opening and syncing slows my computer to a crawl. And it’s particularly painful when most of the time I just want to sync my address book or music.
Fortunately it’s pretty easy to work around this annoyance. Keep reading to see how you can teach your Mac to open iPhoto when you plug in your camera but not your phone.

I recently stumbled across an option in Image Capture’s preferences that lets you select any application to open when a camera is connected. That gave me an idea: what if I could tell it to open a special application that would check to see which camera I’d plugged in? Then that application could in turn open iPhoto only if I’d plugged in my Digital Rebel.

It turns out you can do all of this using the command line and a little bit of AppleScript.

— (Via Signal vs. Noise » Tip: Prevent iPhoto from opening when you plug in your iPhone).