When it comes to CSS you probably soon begin to gather a slew of great code and techniques you will implement in many projects and which become your own favorites to use.

Some of my personal favorites would be:

  1. Using an Advanced CSS Menu which utilizes ‘double images’ and the CSS property tag. You can find a full blown tutorial on this at Web Designer Wall.
  2. Changing image transparency with CSS which works in all browser. A good posting on this and how to do it is at CSS Tricks. Be sure to at least glance at the comments because these shine more light on the subject in various situations.
  3. Often you need a list where every other line has a different background color. With some simple class assignment and styling this can be achieved. A good example that also scales well on zooming in and out of the page is described at MikeCherim.
  4. Drop shadows are all over. Of course you can run an action in Photoshop to add such to each and every photo. But sometimes this is not what you want to do. It IS possible to create a decent drop shadow with CSS even though on the coding level it’s not very pretty, in the sense of needing more than just a single class assignment. A very nice description of how to do it you can find at The Shape of Days.
  5. Rounded corners – I need not say anything more. A great compilation of sites which have different approaches can be found at Smiley Cat.
  6. Keeping the footer stuck to the bottom of the browser window and behaves correctly, no matter if the content is short or long. You can find a way how to achieve this at The Man in Blue.
  7. CSS Pull Quotes is what gives chick to your site. There are different ways to achieve the effect, one which would be using an image. But if you want to go fully CSS, the approach is a bit differently. A nice page describing the technique is at Design Meme.

If you would like to see more cool CSS techniques, hop over to Smashing Magazine who once again created a great compilation on this subject.