Recently I’ve been following some of the photos that Jon Armstrong has shot and found myself intrigued. He has taken a series of strongly saturated and heavily blackened areas. This photo here — ( ยป Steak 63) — he had shot just off Union Square in San Francisco past September:


The style of these photos reminds me a lot of the time when I had used a special film to ‘miss-color’ the output of my 35 mm camera during an evening photo shoot I did at on of these unusual openings nights : everyone was madly dressed up in bathrobes and high heels and it was at the indoor swimming pool where Jeannie Borel, the mom of my then boyfriend, had created some beautiful mural artwork. I wanted the peoples skin to be greenish and in all sorts have the colors to be be altered and as Photoshop didn’t exist then yet, this was the way to go for me. Would I have LOVED the option to additionally treat the photos digitally!

Jon’s photos also remind me of the news which have surfaced only recently: Polaroid to cease manufacturing film. If you’ve never have heard of Polaroid Instant Cameras, then you must be really young, and born like… yesterday, which would be after 1986. But if you have some fond memories of the fun one could have with these cameras – for example hold a cigarette from below closely to the photo and watch the colors shift – you might also feel some odd twinges of melancholic emotions when hearing these news and realizing that you now are really getting old (don’t worry, only when compared to a teenager) and that these times of odd color tints are over for good… except you use Photoshop, of course.

You can read more about the fading of the Polaroid with a whole slew of cool movies on the subject at PC World in an article by Harry McCracken where he starts off with saying:

PC World’s Techlog A Heartfelt, YouTube-Based Wake for Polaroid Instant Photography

I greeted today’s news with an instinctive combination of shock, grief, and indignant fury: Polaroid has announced it’s ceasing production of its instant film, which will become unavailable after 2009. What will I do when I need more film my trusty Polaroid? What will all those people buying new Polaroids do?

Then it dawned on me: While I took Polaroid photos well into the 1990s, it’s been years since I last used my camera..

His posting is to the point – and you don’t want to miss out on some of the videos, so check it out!