Today I was quite amazed when I looked at some visitor statistics : Firefox (blue) and Safari (green) are running head on head while leaving Internet Explorer (orange) in the dust.


This pleases me greatly, because I – like how many others? – really do not like designing websites for Internet Explorer which means to battle the fight of making them all happy in their different versions on different systems while not adhering to the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) standards in the first place.

Now, I am not that delusional to believe the world is finally coming to its senses. More to the point will be the fact that this is a blog on design, and designers are known to be, well, a bit more interested in quality and thus it would naturally have to be Firefox or Safari most of them (you) use.

This brings me to the point I often wonder about: how are you setup, home versus work. Do you have a Mac at home and work on PC at work (as I do currently), or do you live in an all Mac – or all PC – world?

Being so solidly grown on Mac’s, I have a hard time imagining designers owning and working by their own choice on a PC – even though I am aware that today many applications run and look almost as nice as on the Mac. And, I am not that blind not to notice some niceties on the PC version of applications which are rather clunky or non-existant on the Mac. For example, Dreamweaver on the PC works smoothly with real estate, a single click will open or close side and bottom panels, whereas on the Mac this is just not smooth or nice nor convenient at all. Lucky for me, I actually do not work in Dreamweaver so it does not affect me personally, but I do notice these things.

The main applications I use at work currently is Microsoft Expression Web (mainly in code view) and Photoshop in combination with Firefox which has Firebug installed. What even after a year still astonishes me is the fact that Expression very often is not able to display a page correctly even though IE7 and/or IE6 can handle it. But, it’s better at it than Dreamweaver. The main reason I like working with Expression is that interaction between CSS and the HTML file works nicely and together with Firebug I’m quite well set.

But I still have daily my (Mac) powerbook along and there will inevitably be from time to time the situations when I will fall back onto Mac applications like CSSEdit to handle some tricky situation which are (for me) straightforward on the Mac but complicated and not easy to track down on the PC.

Bottom line question is: how do you (prefer to) work?