There are a lot of blogs out there, aimed at bloggers, writers. With tips on how to stay creative, how to write and all of that. Some of these blogs also give tips on which applications to write and to use, there are some really good posts on top 20 shareware applications and the like. From my viewpoint, a purebred blogger needs nothing more than a text editor, a browser, a pen and his Moleskine. I know, little does she know… some people will now sigh.

This is my short list of what I feel makes life and work so much nicer as a designer:

Web Designer minimalistic approach on the Mac:

  • HTML editor :: TACO HTML Edit (free, you can’t beat that price)
  • CSS editor :: CSSEdit (if you’re on a PC, you’re really missing out here).

Web Designer minimalistic approach on the PC:

  • HTML/CSS editor :: Microsoft Expression Web – beats Dreamweaver even though it forces some odd things onto you. The interaction between CSS and HTML works quite nicely though, especially in code view.

Variation of the Web Designer tools:

  • HTML/CSS/Terminal/FTP combo :: Coda – works great overall, except I find the CSS editor somewhat clunky and CSSEdit beats this one by far (for now).

Additional, NICE TO HAVE tools :

  • Xyle Scope – lets you study websites and their CSS structure nicely.
  • SubEthaEdit – took me forever until I could write the name without having to tripple check the spelling of it… but it’s a great tool for writing code. Some people rather like to use TextWranger (which is for free).
  • FTP client :: Transmit – which you do not need if you use Coda. Another really good choice is Cyberduck.

Expensive but INDISPENSABLE:

  • Adobe Photoshop – there are cheaper options, but in my mind, if you are serious about it all and want to be able to handle a broad array of tasks coming your way, you will need to shell out the money for this one

Expensive but NEEDED as extended Web Designer:

  • Adobe Illustrator – you might get away with Photoshp paths at first, but not when you get into serious spline illustration.
  • Flash – there is no other application, so you’ll have to bite the price bullet at some point if you want to be able to deliver.