After having the iPhone since last July on the market I had expected the hype and buzz about it to calm down a little. But it remains a hot topic – but did you notice how the firmware cracking and unlocking news have vanished? Each country that starts selling them reports it to be a full success.

Meanwhile I can’t even imagine anymore using one of the clunky things called cell phones. At the time I was tight on money and it had been a thing of several days discussion if head and logic should win over greed, geeky’ness and beauty or not. I rarely use my cell phone, it’s mainly there for emergencies and I had several iPods and a PDA, so all in all I didn’t have any true, important reason to change my phone plan and get the iPhone. But I got it anyways.

Yes, I was one of them who got their phone on day… night one, after we decided at 9 PM to take a drive downtown to see if the store is overrun or not. When we got there we had no line to stand in and within 5 minutes we were already again out of the store and on the way home. And ever since I haven’t looked back.

As I was on a month-to-month deal with my current carrier I had no penalties to pay and the month was up just 3 days after the iPhone purchase. I use the cell phone now just as rarely as before as the quality of talking on the cell phone has never been a joy of mine and the delays and odd flows of these conversations has not changed, even though the gadget itself is so cool.

This iPhone has become my all in one tool and at this point it has almost out-ranged my PDA. And once the 3rd party applications are out, it probably will do so for good. Visual Voicemail is a great feature. I don’t even use my iPod any longer and even a lot of my quick and dirty photos I now take with the iPhone (and yes, I REALLY wish for a better quality of camera, even if it’s ‘only’ for my daily photos… of course I don’t expect it to ever beat the quality of my Canon Digital Rebel but some improved qualidy and features would go a long way). Google maps is another goodie on it. Plus, plus, plus. The purchase was a definite win.

And now to the design and aesthetic part of it all: Some people don’t care what is around them. They also don’t care that their jeans is just about to fall off their rolling hips either. But I do care. I like enjoying my environment, including the things I use. The iPhone is one of these things.

Browsing through the latest news on cell phones, I noticed how old fashioned all of these “latest gadgets” now appear to be to me. Either old fashioned or a blantant stab at copying as much as possible from the iPhone without risk of being sued.

The iPhone has definitely changed things, including some of my viewpoints.