The other day I was ranting a little about Photoshop having become such a blown-up application and that I much rather would have it slimmed down and as a modular application with the option of configuring a startup set so as to have only those modules load which I really need for my general needs or that specific job.

For example, there are projects where I know for sure that I will not use filters in any fashion nor any newly implemented 3D abilities. So why should I be forced every time I launch Photoshop to wait through such a painfully slow startup screen which has only gotten worse over the past years? A configurable, modular Photoshop – for example with modules which are specially designed for web designers or other kind of layout jobs – would be great as it could be made to fit like a glove to my current needs… and mainly, be faster on startup :-)

Coincidentally with all of this wishful thinking, I did receive the other day a most surprising email from Adobe with their announcement of “Adobe Stock Photos service to be discontinued”.

As I’ve never been actually interested in this add-on to Photoshop, I am actually rather glad seeing it go – as obviously my viewpoint is the less luggage the better.

Since its implementation in 2005 up to a few months ago I haven’t given it more than a first quick glance. Oddly enough I did have a couple of jobs just recently where I did use this portal to find footage, and, as usual was thinking it rather slow (even on a fast connection). For these reasons I am not able to find any feelings of melancholy of saying good bye to the Adobe Stock Photos Service. But in all fairness, it did get the job done, I found the perfect photos for the jobs and the clients are happy.

Find out more about the discontinuation of this service at Adobes Stock Photos FAQ page.

Besides these two afore mentioned projects I usually don’t work for clients with a high budget for imagery so the Adobe Stock Photos Serice has not been “the right” area for me to look for photos in the first place. In general I also enjoy much more the search via Google or one of the stock photography websites the internet has in abundance when hunting for just the right image.

It’s quite amazing what you can get for little money these days. There is no need to infringe on copyrights and steal imagery from others. If you are working on a low budget but still want some decent photos, go to places like BigStockPhoto or DreamsTime – you can get royalty free photos for as low as $1 and this is a price you really can’t criticize!

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