It is interesting to observe the different viewpoints of people in regards to design.

There are the ones which adhere strictly to what has been taught to them, the old class, the traditionalists and they feel that anything else has no class and no validity. And on the opposite you’ll find the rebel of all. Some people approach design cool headed and a mind of a mathematician; the other again works form the guts. One insists that only adhering to the rules can produce beauty but the other believes that only breaking all rules will create uniqueness and evolution.

My personal standpoint is that both worlds are right but none exhibits an absolute truth. As an artist I have been labeled in the past to be an “expressionistic impressionist”, which in some fashion might be true. But as I change and am nothing fixed, I do not like labels, they might be true today but wrong tomorrow. For this reason I a bit of a rebel when it comes to this, I do not like to be put into a pot and then archived in memory as [insert name] – because I might feel and express that at that very moment, but I am much, much more too. If you want to label a period of mine, fine. But don’t try labeling me.

Some people believe that one finds one’s own style early in life and from there on out sticks to this…, evolves it yes, but does not radically change. One can see it in many places and many big artists reflect this too. An art professor of mine insists that people who change “still haven’t found themselves”, but after many months of reflection how this could apply to me, I came to the conclusion that once again, I object.

Maybe part of finding oneself can be for some to realize how much one can change without losing oneself? What all can one do and be without losing the essence?

Parallels can be found in music preferences. I for example love a wide, wide range of music. My ear has been trained to enjoy classic music and old jazz too, including swinging tunes, such as the Andrew Sisters, which now are observed by most as cheese singers. On the other end of the spectrum I really enjoy Nine Inch Nails, Madonna, Depeche Mode, LittleDragon, Bitter:Sweet and Goldfrapp. Does this mean that I have not found myself, or rather could it be that I am no longer bound by group fads and boundaries and that I do not have to limit myself but can be wide and open to different worlds?

Yes, I believe to truly find your own style – may it be wild and chaotic or strict and ordered or everything in between and combined – you need to overcome to label yourself and to stop trying to fit in some group dynamic from which you want applause, but rather learn from them, turn around and make it your own.

How do you see it?